Kids hold watergami

Video TOUR

Take a video tour of the East County Advanced Water Purification Program! There are two video options. 

Option1: Click here to look up, down and all around to watch a 360-degree virtual reality video to see the water purification steps. You can watch from your desktop or via the YouTube app to experience all features. 

Option 2: If you want a video tour without the 360-degree feature described above, click here.

online staff-led tours

More than 7,000 people have taken a tour of the Program and we welcome you to join us! Those who have already taken a tour and would like a Program update, this tour is also for you. You'll see a presentation, tour the Demonstration Facility via your computer and be able to ask questions. 

Check back for tour dates or call 619-258-4644 to be notified when tour dates become available.

Group Tours

For a group tour including community groups, school classes, student field trips or Scouts, please register by emailing the facility or calling 619-258-4644 to schedule a virtual tour or in person/in class visit that will fit your schedule.

Group smiles in front of Visitor's Center
Students Smile at the WRF