Project Updates

Package 1 Updates

Package 1 Design-Builder, AECOM/Lyles continues work in Phase 1 at a not-to-exceed amount of $14M. Components of Package 1 include a 16 MGD water recycling facility, an 11.5 MGD advanced water purification facility, a solids handling facility, a product water pump station and a new visitor’s center. Highlights include:

  • Review of the 30% design and construction cost estimate from DB firm completed. 
  • Value Engineering evaluation on the 30% design completed.
  • Design efficiencies and capital cost savings identified.
  • More than two dozen workshops held with the technical team on various processes and design advancements.
  • Began compiling project equipment procurement documents and specifications.
  • Began work on Phase 2 contract amendment documents in collaboration with DB firm. 
  • Pilot testing online strontium analyzer for the AWP Facility completed for DDW consideration.

Package 1


Package 2 Design-Builder, Orion and GHD, continue work in Phase 1 at a not-to-exceed amount of $5.5M. Package 2 includes designing and constructing a 10-mile advanced water purification pipeline, dechlorination facility and inlet to Lake Jennings. Highlights include:

  • Proposed pipeline alignment crossing highway 67 submitted to Caltrans for their review and approval.
  • The final 60% design plans and specifications are scheduled to be submitted to the JPA by November 12th.
  • Plans and calculations submitted to the County regarding hanging the pipe on the Channel Road bridge over the San Diego River. Coordinating with the County to discuss and collaborate on comments.
  • Continued to coordinate with Package 3 and the Fanita Ranch Development to ensure our parallel pipe on Fanita Parkway provide the required distance between the proposed pipelines. 
  • Held several meetings and met in the field with our environmental consultants to determine if the pipeline alignment north of Fanita Parkway needs to be realigned to avoid environmentally sensitive habitat.
Package 2


Package 3 Design-Builder AECOM/Lyles continue work in Phase 1 at a not-to-exceed amount of $4.7M. Components of Package 3 are retrofits and capacity expansions of the Influent Pump Station and East Mission Gorge Pump Station (EMGPS), a 3.5 mile force main, a 3 mile residuals bypass pipeline and a 1.7 million gallon a day lift station for the residuals bypass system. Highlights include:

  • The 60% Draft Design and GMP have been submitted and are under review.
  • The JPA has reviewed major equipment procedure documents in preparation for bidding and selection of major components.
  • The HDD subcontractor has been selected and has provided input towards the design of the trenchless HDD crossing across the Carlton Oaks Golf Course.
  • The Residual Bypass Pump Station design has been updated to utilize progressive cavity pumps to take advantage of greater range of operating pressure and flow.
  • The rehabilitation of the sludge line now includes the ductile iron pipe down to the junction structure, for a complete rehabilitation of this pipeline. 
Package 3

PAckage 4 Updates

Package 4 is a collaborative effort between the JPA and the City of San Diego to implement the provisions of the Residuals Management Agreement. The preliminary capital cost for Package 4 is $40M-$45M inclusive of contingency. Highlights include:

  • The JPA Board awarded the Phase 1A Progressive Design-Build contract to Orion Construction Corporation and GHD, Inc.
  • The baseline project schedule and schedule of values have been approved.
  • Orion is preparing permit applications for preliminary site investigation work including: surveying, utility potholing, geotechnical investigations, and EMGFM Condition Assessment Work Plan.
  • Coordination and meetings with the City of San Diego's operations staff on how to approach the EMGFM Condition Assessment Work Plan.
  • Reviewing the draft Environmental Document for CEQA determination.
  • Collaborating with the City of San Diego regarding local permitting and approvals that apply to the project. 
  • Presented a status update of Package 4 to the Mission Trails Regional Park Citizens' Advisory Committee. 
Package 4

Project Documents