Public Records

Padre Dam serves as the Administrator for the East County AWP Joint Powers Authority (JPA) and is committed to providing the public full access to public records in accordance with the California Public Records Act (Act) (Government Code §6250 et. seq.). The Act requires the District to make public records available to the public and provide copies upon request unless there is a legal basis not to do so.


The following basic types of documents are considered public record:

  1. Agendas, minutes, ordinances, resolutions, agreements
  2. Audit and financial documents
  3. Agreements, Contracts and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  4. JPA Policies and Procedures

Please use the following form to submit a public records request: Public Records Request Form


Please note that any requests submitted after business hours (4:30 pm Monday through Friday) or on a weekend or holiday, will be received on the next business day. The District may ask for additional information if the request is not specific enough to permit identification of the records sought. If needed, District staff will assist you in making an effective request by helping you identify records, describing where they can be located and providing other suggestions for facilitating access.

Within 10 days from the date the request is received, the District will determine whether the request seeks copies of disclosable public records that are in the District’s possession. The District will notify the requester of such determination and provide an estimated date on which the records will be made available. In unusual circumstances, the 10-day time limit may be extended up to an additional 14 days by written notice to the requester, setting forth the reason for the time extension.


The standard fee for copying records is $0.10 per 8.5 by 11 inch page. The cost for all other copies is the direct cost of duplication, or a statutory fee if applicable. All fees are due in advance of receiving the requested records.