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Video 1

The entire family will enjoy watching this fun two-minute video that follows the journey of a water drop in East San Diego County.

Video 2

Our award-winning six-minute video provides an excellent summary of the project and takes the viewer through a virtual tour. The video shows the four-step purification process that uses advanced technology to create a safe, high quality drinking water source.

Video 3

Water is the main ingredient in beer. The water created through the Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Facility has been cleaned so thoroughly, it’s near distilled in quality and lacks the salt and minerals normally found in Southern California water. The amount of salt and minerals contained in the water is important to how the end flavor of the beer is perceived. Our purified water provides a unique opportunity to beer brewers who are looking for options for enhanced the flavors of hops, malt and bitterness. Similar to the strong attention to quality control in purifying water, this same devotion is needed in brewing beer to ensure each sip is high quality and delicious. Cheers!

Video 4

Rendering Video
This rendering video allows you to take an aerial tour of the future Advanced Water Purification Program.

Video 5

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