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New Video – It’s a Big Deal!

Padre Dam Presents New Animated Video for Advanced Water Purification Program

(Santee, CA, September 7, 2016) – Today, Padre Dam Municipal Water District premiered “It’s A Big Deal” – an animated video about the East County Advanced Water Purification Program. The two-minute video can be found on the program’s website // and provides a family-friendly, fun and easy way to understand why the program is needed and how it will create a new, local sustainable and drought proof drinking water supply using state-of-the-art technology to purify East County’s recycled water.

“The topic of water reuse and the science behind it can be very technical,” said Allen Carlisle, CEO and General Manager of Padre Dam. “Our entertaining animated video quickly explains the complex subject matter of indirect potable reuse in a way that is fun and educational for everyone from elementary school children to adults.”

The two-minute video follows a “personified” water drop called a “Big Deal” through his current life story which begins with being imported from a far-away location, used in a household, treated and then put into the ocean. “Talk about waste!” the video summarizes. The video then shows a more sustainable, alternative future ending. After going down the drain, the drop receives treatment, is purified by four Advanced Water Purification steps, goes into a lake or underground aquifer, is treated again and finally distributed to the community.

“I encourage everyone to visit the project website to view the new video and see the many offerings available there to learn about the program, including taking a tour, reading our newsletter and even downloading a fun origami learning game geared for kids – all designed to help the community better understand the program,” added Carlisle.

The Advanced Water Purification Program will create a new, local, sustainable and drought proof drinking water supply using state-of-the-art technology to purify East County’s recycled water. This water recycling opportunity would diversify East County’s water supply and reduce our dependence on imported water. If the program moves forward, it will meet approximately 25-30 percent of East County’s current drinking water demands.

About Padre Dam

Padre Dam provides water, sewer, recycled water and recreation services to approximately 100,000 residents in East San Diego County including Santee, El Cajon, Lakeside, Flinn Springs, Harbison Canyon, Blossom Valley, Alpine, Dehesa and Crest. The District currently imports 100% of its drinking water supply and treats two million gallons per day (MGD) of wastewater at its Water Recycling Facility. Please visit for more information.

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Written by Gabriela Dow